KTM Bike Quotes,Status & captions || 135+ KTM Duke Quotes || sexiest bike on earth is KTM!

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Hey, Ktm Biker These Ktm Duke Quotes are specially written for Ktm Owner so if you own one Ktm in your house then these Ktm Bike Quotes & Status are going to be the badass lines or you so must do use & explain the that sexiest bike on earth is your KTM!


What is the Full Form Of KTM?

Well, It Is "Kronreif & Trunkenpolz Mattighofen" yes That's The Full Name of Ktm Bike if you didn't know yet!

Which Country Owns The KTM Bike Company?

Well you Might be thinking Ktm is a Chinese Bike but that's not true guys, KTM is the Austrian Company, which makes sexy bikes in collaboration with the Bajaj Company in India!

So, KTM Lovers if you in search of the best KTM Quotes & KTM Captions than you are at the right place here we have the best collection of Attitude Ktm Quotes & captions just for you, which will definitely suit your personality & attitude to show up the people that you are the Badass Ktm Phobic guy who loves your Ktm first & then anything Else.

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KTM Bike Quotes,Status & captions
KTM Bike Quotes,Status & captions

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 KTM Bike Quotes 

 KTMs are not Silent, They are Violent!

KTM Adventure – A motorcycle that doesn’t need maps to explore places.

Keep calm and ride a KTM.

You tell them to bring their 2 or 4 store machine, and I will show them what this KTM can do.

I do not need any weapon, I own a KTM RC.


 Ktm may not be Eco friendly But, It is People Friendly!

KTM Bike Quotes,Status & captions
KTM Bike Quotes,Status & captions

 Your Bike may ride You But, My Ktm Rides my Soul!

 You'll find your ass broken if you talk shit about my Ktm!

 Get Disappear by Dropping the KTM's last Gear!

Ready To RACE

She asked me to tell her those 3 magical words that every girl wish to hear in life. I whispered, “I ride KTM.”

Screw calm and ride KTM.

The anatomy of freedom reflects in every KTM machine.

KTM Bike Quotes,Status & captions
KTM Bike Quotes,Status & captions

 Don't compare your KTM with other bikes if you do so you are disrespecting your KTM!

 God thought there should be Hot bikes that is why there are KTMs on Earth!

 It's not the sound of KTM It's the sound of my Heart!

 Not Only Boys but few mad girls are also crazy for the KTM!

If you do not own a KTM, then do not blame your wife for having a boyfriend that does.

Everyone loves you until you defeat the person in the race.

Other bikes move the body, whereas KTM moves the soul.

For KTM, adventure represents a real test of your character and survival skills.

Everything looks better when you see them in the rearview mirror of a KTM.

Life is pretty short, so grip it and rip it.

 For me, the full form of KTM is Kickass Time Machine!

 My KTM describes my Attitude & Personality!

 My girlfriend didn't like KTM & now I don't like Her!

 The friction of KTM gives me real Satisfaction!

 Don't just own KTM take it out and let the other people Watch the real Beauty!

 My first & last love will always be my KTM!

 I respect girls that is why I only watch KTM on the Roads!

 Even the sexiest girl on the planet can not steal my heart, but my KTM Can!

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 It is KTM Duke & my heart is connected with her like a Hook!

 No matter how sad I am my KTM always brings back my Good Mood!

 If you think I look sexy, just watch me one time on my KTM I'll look Sexy+Hot!

 My KTM feels Pleasure when she is above 150km/hour!

 I am a Bad guy & when I put my ass on my KTM I become Badass Guy!

 If you think you can lose me in the race, I'll suggest you, watch the name again on my petrol Tank!

 If you are from the middle class get one KTM it will give you a royal Class!

 No matter how expensive shoes & goggles you have, it won't suit you if you don't own KTM!

 KTM can slay your hatters with Its Beauty!

 Even your enemies will love you, just accelerate your KTM & let your baby Roar!

 KTM Duke 390 is not a Bike It's the Leopard of the Roads!

 Duke 200 owners don't love speed they just Love to be on KTM!

 You may have a girlfriend but I have my KTM!

Who commits to performance and adventure, there is no end. So, get out there with KTM and go adventure.

Every single KTM machine showcases the purity of design and uncompromised performance.

Look ahead in the zone and nothing else matters.

No wasted space or weight – just the ultimate racing machine on the race track.

KTM is a pure optimized machine taken to the limit.

Every KTM is built on the foundation of KTM’s READY TO RACE philosophy.

Victory is just not an option with a KTM.

KTM machines give you “RIGHT TO RIDE.”

 When KTM is on the top speed you'll feel like you are flying on an eagle above the Road!

 Girls could break your heart but KTM Never!

 KTM is not made for you, If you don't have Swag!

 Don't just love your KTM, give her one Kiss a day Too!

 If you want to test the love of KTM for you, bring her on the Straight Road!

 People use their money in smoking I use my money to Styling my KTM!

 You can Challenge Me, But Never Challenge My KTM!

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 Ktm Greed is When the Road is Empty!

 Ktm Owners Hate The Road, Which is Full of Traffic!

 I don't Need Weapon, My Ktm Kills Everybody!

 Swag is When Your Ktm Drag!

 Never Challenge Ktm Owners, They are always "Ready To Race."

 Only Ktm has Unlimited Sexiness & Unlimited Satisfactory Performance.

 If you want a hot bike, There is no option, Escape Ktm.

 Ktm is made to show the Purity of Design & Uncompromised Performance.

 Without Any danger, Ktm can satisfy your Race Hunger.

 Ktm has Power of Drill, to give you Chill & Thrill.

 Money Can't Buy Happiness But, Ktm Can, So buy Ktm with Money.

 Riding Ktm for Feeling, Touching & Taking Breath to Alive.

 If there is a Bike race Then Winner is Already Decided Because there is Ktm in the Race. 

 Empty Roads Always Waits for Ktms to Roar.

 My Ktm is more sexy & stable than my Last Girlfriend!

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We hope you guys just love these Ktm Duke Bike Quotes must do use these quotes in your Instagram captions too, and blow the mind of your hatters & enemies that even they don't care about you there is your Ktm to care about you if you have any new Ktm Quote idea let us know in the comments we will update it here with credit, and also let us know which one is your best favorite Ktm Quote? thanks for being with Statuption!

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